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Up-and-coming ingénue Catrina Lang is burned out on Hollywood. Sick of paparazzi, her handlers, and her fans, she wants to cruise under the radar for a while, so she invites her loudmouthed sister on a backcountry motorcycle ride down Baja. Cat is prepping for a role as a motocross racer, and Sissy races bikes back in Texas. The trip offers the sisters a trade: Cat gets her sister’s coaching, and Sis gets an all-expenses-paid vacation. Should be a win-win, but trouble starts when Sis brings along an uninvited friend.

The getaway takes on new meaning when Sis’s friend turns out to be a drug mule, making the trio a target for the cops and the cartel. Far from the average chick lit story, this road trip adventure spirals down into a dark and suspenseful thriller when Cat finds herself trapped in a nightmarish race to make it home safely. She survives a violent mugging, a stint in prison, and a murderous rampage at a Day of the Dead parade, only to face a day of reckoning she cannot forget—and may never recover from.

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Lightning-New-SiteLightning In My Wires
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Avery lives in La La Land with a boyfriend who’s totally loaded. Their bond is made strong by a passion for escapism. He pops pills and inhales cocaine, teetering between manic and despondent. She numbs her pain with Mary Jane and exorcisms that combine vodka and razor blades. When her deviance becomes more than her man can handle, he boots her out of his mansion and revokes her ticket to ride out life in oblivion.

So she bungees a box of Fed Ex’d memories from her mom to her motorbike, stuffs her cats in a knapsack, and turns her back on the days of dizzy living.

With the pain of the lush life lodged in her veins, and ruminations from the box, Avery sets out on a path to calm the “lightning” in her wires – a journey that’s about learning from her mistakes, and learning how to accept herself entirely – one that will ultimately change her life forever.

Lightning in my Wires, explores a young woman’s effort to change her perception, on a trek that doesn’t require a trip around the world.

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