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Riveting women's fiction
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Some say life begins at forty.


Cyn Mckinley hopes so since her former life is over. Home foreclosure, a cross-country move, and hidden drinking problem pretty much killed it. Being crushed by crippling anxiety doesn’t help.


When she discovers that her husband's new boss is the monster who raped her in high school, she spirals further down. Struggling to process this revelation, she conceals it from her husband because they need his job. Instead, she numbs her pain with too much wine, drives drunk, and her husband threatens to divorce her. She reluctantly quits drinking, hoping that will save her marriage.


But clarity from sobriety brings something unexpected to Cyn – the need for justice or revenge. If only she can find a way to make the demon pay for the trauma he inflicted, and the ripples it sent through her life, then maybe she’ll find peace.

Award-winning thriller
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Actress Catrina Lang is tired of Hollywood. Sick of paparazzi, her handlers, and rabid fans, she wants to cruise under the radar for a while. She invites her estranged sister on a backcountry motorcycle ride in Mexico to mend their broken relationship. Both sisters have plenty to gain from this trip, but trouble starts when Sis brings an uninvited friend to distract from the sibling tension.


Their getaway takes on new meaning when the friend pursues suspicious goals in Mexico, leaving the trio a target for the cops and the cartel. As the rigors of this adventure damage her prima donna façade, Cat must decide what truly matters in life—and who she's willing to save—as they try to evade capture and race to make it home safe.

Coming-of-age memoir
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Avery lives in La La Land with a boyfriend who’s totally loaded. Their bond is made strong by a passion for escapism. He pops pills and inhales cocaine, teetering between manic and despondent. She numbs her pain with Mary Jane and exorcisms that involve vodka and razor blades.

When her deviance becomes more than her man can handle, he boots her out of his house and revokes her ticket to ride out life in oblivion. So she bungees a box of memories to her motorbike, stuffs her cats in her knapsack, and turns her back on the days of dizzy living.

With the pain of the lush life lodged in her veins, Avery sets out on a path to calm the “lightning” in her wires – a journey that’s about learning from her mistakes, and learning how to accept herself entirely – one that alters her love life eternally .

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